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Our Services

Ginger Cat


Spray and Neuter

At God's Feral Felines, we believe in helping cats and their owners. We strive to provide a safe and affordable environment for cats and their families. We offer spay and neuter services for cats at low cost to help reduce the population of stray cats.  Our goal is to ensure that cats are treated with the utmost respect and care. 


TNR Assistance

Our TNR program at God's Feral Felines provides low-cost spay and neuter services to improve the lives of both cats and their human families. We're dedicated to decreasing the number of stray cats in the community, and our TNR program is a proven way to make that happen. Our mission is to create a secure and budget-friendly haven for feline families.

Our Mission

We are a home for cats of all ages and backgrounds, providing them with a forever home and a loving family to call their own. Our mission is to provide cats with a safe, nurturing and enriching environment.

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