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About God's Feral Felines: Our Purrpose and Passion

Get to Know Us

Welcome to God’s Feral Felines.  We are a nonprofit, volunteer organization whose mission is to help the kittens in Marshall, Cullman, and Blount Counties in Northern Alabama. 

God’s Feral Felines (GFF) started as a hobby in October 2013 to help a single colony of cats.   We had no clue what we were actually getting into and by Feb 2014 we had received our 501c(3) status and became a full-fledged nonprofit.  Our goal at that time was to work to sterilize as many feral colonies as we could.  Our central goal remains to spay and neuter and to accomplish this, we have 3 programs that all work together toward this goal. 

1st cat we ever caught. Trapped 10-15-2013.JPG

When we first started, we only offered TNR service.  TNR stand for trap, neuter, and return. The purpose of this program is to trap those stray kittens that are hanging out at the park, behind a restaurant, or in many cases in neighborhoods where someone started feeding a single cat that quickly bred to multiple cats.

In early 2016 we were given a private donation that allowed us to develop a program to help low-income households get their cats fixed at a reduced rate.  Until this time the closest place to get a reduced rate spay or neuter was Huntsville.   We were able to offer this program and we continue to offer this program through local veterinarians in Marshall County, making it much easier to get your cat(s) to their appointment. 

Some of our previous kittens.JPG

In 2019 we were blessed to be offered a lease on Dr. Brown of Arab Veterinary Hospital’s old office.  Our rescue officially opened on April 4, 2020.  This has allowed us to rescue even more kittens while keeping our other 2 programs going strong.

At the end of 2022, through our 3 programs, we had spayed or neutered over 5000


We love being a part of our community and invite you to come see our facility.  It will make you smile.  .

One of our momma cats.jpg
One of our momma cats.jpg

Also in 2016, with the opening of a new PetSmart in Albertville, we became an adoption partner with PetSmart and began to develop our kitten rescue program.  Our goal in this program was to take in orphans that need to be bottle-fed.  With no other options for these kittens other than euthanasia there was a definite and immediate need. All this was managed through foster homes. 

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