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We are grateful for you financial help.  The donations and support we receive from you is the block we have been able to build our programs on.  You are the only reason we are able to do what we do.  By making even a small donation you can help those cats that have been let down by humans in their past.  These kittens and cats are deserving of a loving home.  Please help today.  


Here are some other ways you can donate.  

Our Charity wish list for Amazon is:

Our wish list for Chewy is:




  1. Purina One Salmon adult cat food (dry)

  2. ​Purina One Kitten food (dry)

  3. Non clumping litter

  4. Yesterdays News litter

  5. Towers

  6. Toys

  7. Dawn dishwashing soap

For the shelter

  1. Bleach

  2. Tide Detergent

  3. Dryer sheets

  4. hand sanitizers

  5. 13 gallon trash bags

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