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"Volunteers play a crucial role in our shelter's operations, especially during kitten season when we start with around 40 kittens and can have up to 85 at the peak. This means there's a significant need for various tasks, including cleaning, sanitizing, dishwashing, spending quality time with the kittens, handling phone inquiries, and managing paperwork. In addition to these daily responsibilities, our volunteers also assist with adoption events, fundraising efforts, and the transportation of cats to and from veterinarians.

Fostering and bottle-feeding are particularly vital aspects of our mission, as we prioritize caring for the youngest and most vulnerable kittens who may not have a chance otherwise. If you're interested in fostering but lack experience, don't worry – we offer training to help you get started. Bottle-feeding is a bit more challenging, but if you're up for the task, please let us know. Every bottle-feeder and foster volunteer enables us to rescue even more kittens in need."

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